How to Change your Profile Picture on a Mac Computer

The profile picture selected for use on your Macintosh or Mac computer is displayed every time you log in as your user account icon. This profile picture is also used when you access the popular Mac applications, IChat and Address Book Card. As your profile picture is usually selected on the initial set up of your computer it is likely that you might desire to select a new picture at some point during the lifetime of your computer.

Changing the profile picture on your Mac computer is simple, especially if you follow the steps outlined in this article. It is possible, using the methods outlined to swap your existing profile picture with a picture already saved on your computer, a picture taken using an application on your Mac or with an image selected from the internet. Simply follow the method described below and you will be enjoying a new profile picture in no time.

Firstly, you will need to log into your Mac as normal, ensuring you use the profile for which you wish to change the picture. Once you are logged in, locate and select the Apple menu. From this menu you will need to select ‘System Preferences’. After choosing this menu option you should see a box with lots of icons, you need to select the ‘Accounts’ icon which is a picture of two shadow profiles side by side. Selecting this will take you to where you can edit your profile picture.

Now you have selected the ‘Accounts’ icon you should see another box which displays your existing profile picture along with other details such as your full name. If you wish to change your profile picture with one already stored on your computer you can simply hover the cursor over the image currently being used. Doing this should present you with an ‘edit picture’ button. Pressing this will present you with a box displaying some recent pictures that you have on your hard drive, press the ‘choose’ button to browse through your entire hard drive, ensuring that you press open when you have found your desired image. You can also at this point take a new picture using your Mac’s camera. Simply select the camera button and take your photo. If you have found a picture from the internet that you would like to use then you simply need to copy this picture over to your accounts window. Navigate to the website that you wish to use, click on the desired image and drag it over to the existing profile picture in the Accounts menu. You can drop the image (release the mouse button) once a ‘plus’ symbol appears.

Whichever method of selecting a profile picture you have used, you should now see a window which allows you to modify your chosen image. You should see a slider which allows you to zoom in or out on your chosen picture and you can also move a frame around your image to adjust the position. Once you are happy with your new profile picture, press ‘set’ and you are good to go.





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