How to Zoom in on a Mac

Whether you want a closer look of the details on an image or magnify words on a web page, there are tricks you can use to zoom in on a Mac. With just the normal Mac accessories you have at home, zooming in and out is pretty easy. Here are some tips you can try to make the zoom feature work for you on Mac.

Zooming in/out on an iMac or Macbook

The accessories you need here are an Apple keyboard and a mouse (with a mousewheel). Press and hold the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard then scroll the mousewheel up or down. Instantly, the screen size on your Mac/iMac will increase or decrease with these actions. This comes in handy when editing images and ant to quickly check the details say at 100% resolution.

Zooming using the Trackpad on Mac

If your mouse is not available, it’s still possible to zoom in/out on your Macbook instantly. Once more hold down the control key and use your two fingers to swipe up or down on your Trackpad. Swiping up immediately zooms in any page on the screen, swiping down restores the screen’s size.

You can also alter the font size on a page without affecting anything else. On your MacBook, use the command button and then press the + button to enlarge the font or – to minimise them. This is a very handy trick when reading passages on a page or when you zoom in to remove destructions like images or web videos.

Zooming with a Magic Mouse

If you upgraded to the new cordless Magic Mouse, you can still zoom in and out easily like you did with the mousewheel. Press and hold the Control button then slide any finger towards the top or the bottom of the magic mouse. This will increase or decrease the page you are using instantly.

How to Activate Zooming on Mac/iMac

In case these shortcuts are not working, perhaps your Zoom feature is turned off on your iMac or Macbook. To fix this, click on the apple logo then go to System preferences, Accessibility then click on Zoom. Tick the box that says “Use keyboard Shortcuts to Zoom” then choose Full Screen under the Zoom Style option. This should activate the above explained features, if your around London then consider contact core tech for help. .