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Garfeild trygin to comminucate with Steve jobs


The End of An Era: Apple Discontinues the iPod Classic

Brings a tear to your eye.

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RIP Click Wheel: Apple discontinues the iPod classic

Apple unveiled the iPod in 2001. Although not the first to the MP3 Player Industry, Apple’s Player prevailed. It had great Design. It was simple to use. it could store a lot of Songs. These factors helped push the iPod to a Cult Status.

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Video worth watching: Apple’s Tim Cook on The Charlie Rose Show


Tim Cook would be the first to tell you — as he told Charlie Rose Friday night — that he’s not Steve Jobs and never will be.

But the Tim Cook that gave Rose enough material for two episodes is pretty interesting these days in his own right. The small army of scribblers who follow Apple — analysts, journalists, tweeters — will have plenty to pick over in the days ahead.

Cook was predictably circumspect about future products, including things that “haven’t been rumored about yet.”

But he’s a straight-talking guy, and he had a lot to say about Apple as a corporation — its horizontal structure (a puzzle, not a stack of chicklets), its philosophy (favoring the simple over the complex), its leadership team (singling out five executives by name, and Angela Ahrendts in particular).

By the end you get a pretty good sense of how Cook stacks up…

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