How to Check Your Hard Disk Space on a Mac

Checking your hard disk space is easy on a Mac, and can let you know how much space you have left to install new games or programs, store media or download large files. If you are considering buying a new computer, checking how much hard disk space on your current machine has been used is a good way to get a sense of whether you need to look for one with more memory, or focus on other features. A few easy steps is all it takes to check hard disk space on a Mac.

1. Click on the Apple icon and then choose the option About This Mac from the menu that will appear – it will be at or near the top of the list of options. A window displaying the current OS X version and some other basic information about the machine will come up.

2. Locate the More Info button on this window and click on it. This will give you more information than just the basic overview, which is what comes up by default.

3. Select the Storage tab at the top of the expanded window that pops up. This will display how much of your space is used for various purposes using an easy to read colour coded bar, which will allow you to make smart decisions about how best to clear up more space if it’s needed, and give you a sense of roughly how much of your storage you have used up.

4. To get the exact total amount of available hard disk space press Command + Option + Spacebar to bring up a Finder window – the exact total will be displayed at the bottom of this window.




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