How to Download Microsoft Word for Mac

Follow the instructions below to purchase and download Microsoft Word for Mac (please note that Microsoft Word cannot be purchased individually, you must purchase it as part of a Microsoft Office for Mac package).

Before you begin it is advised that your Mac Operating System is up to date, you can check this by selecting the ‘Apple Menu’ on your Mac and clicking ‘Software Update…’. Complete any updates before beginning Step 1.

1. Visit the Microsoft for Mac websiteOpen your browser and navigate to or if you are a student you can visit

2. Review the product offering
On the ‘products’ page you will be able to review several different package options, all of the packages include Microsoft Word for Mac. There are also different payment plans depending on if you would like to pay monthly or pay the total amount up front. When you have made your decision click the ‘Buy Now’ button to purchase.

3. Complete the purchase
Follow the directions on screen to complete the purchase using your preferred payment method.

4.Download the Microsoft Office for Mac package
Once your purchase is complete you will be prompted to download the installer, download the installer and open it to begin downloading the Microsoft Office for Mac package.

5. Enter your product key
The package may take some time to download depending on your internet connecting and the age of your machine. Once the download is complete, open the Microsoft Word program. Using your Microsoft account details, log in to the installer and enter the product key to activate your purchase.

You can now use Microsoft Word on your Mac